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All Hospital Gowns

All Hospital Gowns

Choose from a large selection of quality hospital gowns for great value. Care Outfit provides gowns for hospitals in retail and bulk quantities. Our hospital gowns have a great fit to make patients feel comfortable and stylish and doctors look professional. Whether you choose lightweight hospital gowns or heavyweight hospital gowns you are guaranteed the best quality and durability for the best price.

Whether a patient is in the hospital for an organ transplant, an appendectomy, or to have a baby, one concern is common: the gown. While hospital gowns may appear to be simple, but there are various types of them available in different shapes and sizes. And as different people have different taste in clothing, they like to spend their days at the hospital in a gown of their liking.

IV gowns 

This type of hospital gowns are used the most. Shoulder snaps to allow for IV access make them very important. No wonder they have been named after it. These are made up of heavy weight poly-cotton sheeting. Having about 3 inch sleeve inseam, they come mostly with V-necks.
They mostly have 60 inch sweep and are about 45 inch in length. 8 inch overlap with ties makes them remarkable. Being the basic hospital gowns, they come in prices a little higher than their disposable counter parts, but still land in easily affordable range.


Tie closure gowns 

Patient modesty is the top-most priority of these gowns. As they provide complete coverage, tie closure gowns have been always famous. Easy to ‘wear and take-off ’, they provide the patient a state of comfort and relief. Also, they are designed such to accommodate extra-large patients as well, and cover them fully, for that matter. Coming in reasonable prices, these gowns are not a poor choice at all.


Snap closure gowns

Most hospital gowns are known for not closing completely in the back and revealing more than we like. But not the snap closure gowns. These are designed with overlapping backs to ensure full coverage so that the patient doesn’t feel insecure. Covers the body as they do, they provide the patient mental comfort. The privacy and satisfaction a patient can feel in one of these can very well lead to a successive recovery.


Exam gowns

Exam gowns are knee length and designed with both patient comfort and modesty in mind. Made up of polyester or cotton, they provide the patient with a comfortable outfit. About knee length, they have 68 sweeps and 45 lengths. Their main feature is that most of them overlap from the front, which compliments to their modesty.In addition to being comfortable, they come in prices cheaper than IV gowns. Being recommended by a majority of patients, they have secured their position as one of the most used hospital gowns.


Disposable gowns

Lately, the trend of using disposable hospital gown is catching on. Being easy to use and cheap, no doubt they are preferred by a lot of people. Besides, they are just to be used once, so people will feel free and easy in them. The thought that this gown is brand new and has not been used before is a joy in itself. Also, they are readily available and come in affordable prices, which make them popular among the public. They are made up of 20-65g/m2 Spun bonded Polypropylene. They come in Single or double flap over the zipper &adhesive tape are available. They are available in Single collar/Double collar/Mao (Classic) collar/Knitted collar.